Patient Reviews

Jennifer MacMahon

March 30, 2022
I started getting treatments at this spa a year ago. I had the best experience. I loved Dr. Shah he is kind and informative. They are so reasonably priced and I have always been able to get in at the last minute. Unfortunately, I had a very bad experience with one of the girls at the front desk. It was a miscommunication about the cost of my treatment. I went back to pay the extra amount I owed and she was incredibly rude and condescending. She accused me of lying and doing it on purpose. However, it was her mistake. Instead of being gracious she was rude beyond belief. It's unfortunate but I will not go there again. I do recommend the spa but I will not be going back.

Dee Williams

January 14, 2022
I was ready to book my Sx until I found out at the last minute about the Lymphatic Massages that are an extra $1100.00 which was not quoted nor talked to me about at my consultation. While on the phone with Catherine; she let me know about this extra procedure which is not mandatory; but can help with the outcome or look I am going for. This price would be added to my quote. This changed my whole perspective on choosing this medical business for my Sx; as everything was not mentioned beforehand and prices were not negotiable after information was not given to me previously so that I could make an informed decision regarding my body and the price I feel comfortable paying. Very disappointed because I was ready to book. Now I will need to do a little more research and interview other doctors. Also online it states free consultation but I was billed $50.00 for the Palmdale location which is not stated on the IG page. I paid anyway and did not really have a great experience. In the future; I would suggest letting potential customers know in advance any possible details. I was offered financing and Catherine was really nice but I'd rather pay cash and go on about my business. Thank you.

Anna Jimenez

July 1, 2021
El mejor lugar que pude haber elegido para mi ansioso cambio en cirugía plástica! 06/12/21 Ahí encontré a un Excelente doctor que me brindó la confianza al contestar todas mis preguntas, desde la primera llamada para pedir info, me sentí con el mejor trato del staff comenzando con Katherine en recepción, Adriana y terminado con las asistentes del doctor el día de mi cirugía que estuvieron siempre muy amables y atentas a mi cuidado. Me sentía como en casa!! En resumen; Limpieza, amabilidad, confianza, profesionalismo, calidad, cuidados post cirugía y los mejores resultados. Gracias a Dios y gracias Dr. Shah! _AJ.

William Vietinghoff

May 12, 2021
I punctured a vein on the top of my left foot one morning while putting on a slipper. It bled seriously, but I eventually stopped it by pressing on it. I visited three vein specialists and none of them would close the vein with an injection as was done by my vein doctor of several years ago. Each day I lived in terror that the vein would burst again. I called Dr. Shah's office and his staff said he would give me a free consultation to find out what my problem was. I went and he performed the procedure I requested. My foot is totally healed. I can't thank him enough.

Yolanda D.

January 8, 2021
Dr. Shah is the most Amazing physician w/ Excellent bedside manner and his staff are TOP NOTCH!!

Marilou Jorgensen

November 23, 2020
I feel comfortable and he treated me good as a patient. I give 5!! He's the Best. Awesome!

Sandra Lopez

November 23, 2020
Fue muy pasiente y me encanto y me dio mucha confianza.

Griselda Delgado

November 23, 2020

Maria Meza

November 23, 2020
100/100 !

Glacier Pitts

November 17, 2020
Dr. Shah is a very accommodating Doctor and as well as his staff.