Body Contouring Near Me

Body Sculpting / Hi-Def Liposculpture.

Body Sculpting Treatment is done to redefine your silhouette and enhance your curves. With the advancement in technology and surgical techniques, liposuction today has moved beyond the concept of just removing unwanted fat. With VASER HI-DEF Liposculpture treatment, defined curves and chiseled physique can be achieved by reducing fat deposits with simultaneous skin tightening and etching. With High-Definition body sculpting, it is possible to get rid of exercise-resistant fat to highlight your natural, physical features.

Body Contouring Treatment

Benefits of Body Contouring:

  1. Body contouring elevates self-esteem and confidence. It improves your self-image and makes fitting in desirable clothes better.
  2. It helps to restore the overall body balance and improves posture and gives a tailored body structure.

Is Body contouring suitable for me?

Body contouring surgeries depend on the individual and their personal body preferences. It also depends on your age, body fat distribution, genetics and lifestyle.

  • The best candidates are the ones who have reached a stable body weight and have maintained the body weight and fat for up to a period of at least six months.
  • Best body contouring treatment results are found on the candidates who are willing to live healthy lifestyle and maintain the restructured body with healthy diet and exercise.
  • Have realistic expectations from the body contouring surgery procedure.
  • Candidates should also have time to devote towards the healing phase following the procedure which may range from few days to weeks.
  • The body contouring procedure is performed under anaesthesia (general or twilight sedation plus local)

  • The results of body contouring longevity depends on the lifestyle choices of the individual. If there is an increase in body weight or fat following the procedure, you might lose the definition achieved with surgery. Leading a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a balanced diet with adequate exercise is necessary to retain the results of the procedure.

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