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Liposuction in Ojai

Contrary to popular belief, liposuction is a pretty painless, minimally-invasive and quite reasonably priced method that people often opt for when they want to lose a bulk of body fat for once and for all.

The intricately done procedure of liposuction surgery in Ojai helps remove localized fat deposition in several areas of the body, like abdomen, flanks, thighs, calves, upper arms, back, hips, chin and breasts, and restores a finely contoured shape of the body frame.

Luxe Aesthetic Surgery & Medical Spa covers all of these areas and much more, all in extremely reasonable and affordable cost of liposuction in Ojai.

Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction is probably the only method of fat removal which yields more or less permanent results. That is because the surgery lessens the number of fat cells present in the ‘problem area’s or the target region of the operation, instead of simply losing the fat content in each cell, which is what happens with rigorous exercising. This way, the risk of the fat deposition to rebound is slim to none, pun intended.

Although the procedure is largely a cosmetic one, liposuction in Ojai is sometimes aimed at actual medical concerns too, like lymphedema and lipoma. Lymphedema is caused by excess lymph fluid in tissues, leading to swelling, inflammation and pain, which can be alleviated with liposuction. Lipoma on the other hand is a specific type of benign, fatty tumors which can be dealt with the procedure used for liposuction.

Risks of Liposuction

No surgical procedure is devoid of risks and liposuction has got its own share of it. The surgery causes a sudden and almost irreversible change in the amount of body fluids, which the body takes some time to adjust to. There is also the risk of getting infections, inflammations, scarring and bruising from the invasion of the cannula inside the body, which is used to soften the fat content between the layers of skin and bring it out with suction.

There might be slight chances of nutritional deficiencies as well, due to lack of enough absorption in the operated areas. However, none of them are usually too serious to be critical and nothing that a visit or two to your surgeon cannot quickly fix.

Cost of Liposuction Ojai

Luxe Aesthetic Surgery & Medical Spa boasts of housing some of the best liposuction surgeon in Ojai, therefore promising you the best, safest and most result-yielding fat removal surgeries in the city.

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