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Are you losing the perkiness of your breasts and considering to opt for surgery? With time, your breasts lose their shape and size due to aging, pregnancy, and other factors, making it look droopy and causing significant pain while you're performing physical activity. If you aren't planning to increase the size of your breast by getting implants, and you want to get rid of the discomfort of saggy breasts, you're a perfect candidate for mastopexy!

Best Breast Lift Surgery Oxnard

People often confuse breast augmentation with a breast lift. However, both of the treatments differ in a way that breast augmentation makes use of implants to increase the breast size, whereas breast lift improves the overall look of your breasts without changing the size.

This guide will cover everything from what is mastopexy to what to expect after the surgery.

What is Mastopexy?

Mastopexy (also known as a breast lift) is a cosmetic surgery that removes unwanted skin and/or breast tissue to restore the elasticity and lift the breasts that weigh down over the chest, giving a saggy appearance.

The surgery is an effective way to enhance the look of the breasts without changing the size. During the surgery, the surgeon would reshape your breasts to make it look perkier and youthful and reposition the nipple so that your breasts look proportional to your body.

Are You a Perfect Candidate for Mastopexy?

If you aren't sure about whether you should go for a breast lift or not, you should consult your surgeon right away, who would help you in making the right decision.

Address issues that you've regarding your chest, such as unsupported and asymmetrical breasts or your nipples point downwards as opposed to facing ahead, or you've got saggy breasts that have lost the shape and volume. All these issues are to be discussed with your surgeon.

Surgical Options for Mastopexy

There are four different mastopexy techniques that aim to tackle different levels of drooping. Your surgeon would choose the right procedure according to the degree of your problem.

1. The Crescent Mastopexy

The Crescent Mastopexy is a breast augmentation technique used in conjunction with the breast lift procedure. It isn't commonly used since it's used for patients who wish to change their breast size. The incision is made along the region surrounding the nipple in a crescent-like shape. The crescent could be skin or tissue. This technique can help in minimizing breast sagginess.

2. Vertical Lift Mastopexy or Short Scar Mastopexy

Vertical life Mastopexy is also known as a lollipop lift that doesn't cause permanent mastopexy scars around the breasts, unlike the Anchor lift technique. The vertical lift makes use of two small cuts: one around the nipple and another incision that travels vertically between the nipple and the breast's bottom. This surgery not only minimizes the scars but makes sure that your breasts are in the right shape and size. No breast augmentation is performed in this technique.

3. Inverted T Mastopexy

The Inverted T/Anchor Lift is the commonly used technique that makes use of 3 incisions. Starting from the areolar, travels vertically towards the breasts and then horizontally along the breast crease. The surgery can reduce the droopy and heavy breasts and would require shaping. This technique is also used for women undergoing breast reduction treatment. The scars would fade but may not completely disappear.

4. Periareolar/Donut lift Mastopexy

This technique is also combined with the breast augmentation procedure to restore the elasticity and volume of the breasts. Only one incision is made around the edge of the areola, hence the name donut lift. This procedure is useful for minimizing the areola size or addressing the mild sagging issue.

Any of these techniques can be combined with breast augmentation, and a combination surgery called Augmentation Mastopexy can be performed.

Mastopexy Recovery Time

The Mastopexy surgery would take about 2- 3 hours. You may be advised to take a week off following the surgery so you could relax at home until full recovery.

On the day of the surgery, you'll experience discomfort and swelling. However, the pain won't be too sharp to bear. For that, the surgeon would prescribe pain killers to give you relief. In addition to that, you'll be provided a surgical bra that would cover up your dressings and give soft support. After a week or two, your stitches will be removed and you'll be able to perform gentle exercises but you won’t be allowed to perform extensive activities such as weight-lifting and cardio for about a month.

Your doctor will also advise you to massage the breasts and the scars as it would speed up the healing process and make your skin softer and adjust to the new area. You’ll be given instructions on the massaging technique.

It would take around six weeks or so for the numbness to fade as well as the scars to diminish.

Cost of Mastopexy

The cost of Mastopexymay vary according to the complexity of the surgery. There would be an additional cost for breast augmentation if it was combined with the treatment.The health insurance wouldn't cover the cost since mastopexy is an aesthetic cosmetic surgery that isn't necessary.

Mastopexy Results

The results would be visible immediately, and with time, the swelling and scars would fade. In the beginning, you'll find it difficult to get used to the shape, but slowly and gradually, you'll become accustomed to it. The results of the surgery are permanent only if you keep a check on your diet and weight.Changes may occur due to pregnancy, and likewise, sudden weight loss could also impact your breast appearance.

Mastopexy surgery does give the desired results as long as you take safety precautions following the surgery. You'll feel happy and confident with your body like never before.

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